Synopsis: Capturing Captain America


April 2014 UPDATE:  Great news! Two versions of Capturing Captain America will finally make their debut this summer. Both manuscripts are in Editor mode and being polished up. The “American version” of the book will be released Fall 2014 with the original ending planned in the original novel. Since the focus group I recruited were consistently tied in their feedback, an alternate ending for Capturing Captain America, will be released at Christmas 2014. The second version I call the “British edition“. Similar to my story Keeping Score, which is also described in this website, Capturing Captain America has an American and British version but both books will be available in the United States. On a personal note, if any song could be the theme song (could sing it all) about how I felt while writing the book it is “Catch the Wind” by Donovan.




The Premise

Tara Bender, D.V.M. picks up a nifty guidebook called “May Cause Miracles” by her favorite post-Sex and the City guru Gabrielle Bernstein and her love life undergoes a wild adventure. Hit with inspiration, Tara starts a book club with her friend and sister-in-law Natasha Erikssen, joins a virtual workshop based on the said text.  The miracles comes rapidly. A matchmaker calls Tara and introduces her to a handsome Polo player and philanthropist named Cameron Paisley. Natasha launches a series of Pilates DVDs. Tara’s childhood friend Samantha lands a record deal. Between launching fundraisers for pet charities, starting an eco-jewelry line for pets, starting a search for her donor dad, and trying to get pregnant, Tara’s psychic reading from her 16th birthday about her true love starts to come true. The man the psychic nicknamed “Captain America” does exist but Tara has long forgotten and given up on ever finding him. Truth is, she already did in the person of US Attorney Ronan Kiernan but she calls him “the blind date disaster”. Ronan’s opportunity to get back into Tara’s life arrives when he is assigned a case involving Cameron’s horse doping scheme. Unfortunately, Ronan needs a miracle himself when Cameron romances Tara and a swift engagement follows. Ronan wants to protect Tara, prosecute Cameron, and hopefully win back the woman who had been looking and waiting for him since she was 16.



The Synopsis

On her 16th birthday Tara Bender received a double dose of identity defining information. First, that she and her two younger sisters were all conceived with the help of the same anonymous sperm donor. Second, San Francisco’s world famous official psychic told Tara that her true love would be a real-life American 007.  The seer’s granddaughter Samantha nicknamed him “Captain America”. Now, at 30, Tara is a dedicated Veterinarian in posh Pacific Heights who decides to give up her life-long quest for Captain America, find her DNA dad, and have a baby complements of The California Viking DNA Donor Center.

After she is asked by the San Francisco Chronicle to blog about her unconventional journey to motherhood, Tara’s column is instantly popular with fellow career women readers.  Her fans are excited for Tara except one in particular, U.S.  Attorney Ronan Kiernan. He  just may have been Tara’s foretold Captain America all along. The only problem is that Ronan had written her off in haste so easily six months earlier. Why? She wasn’t the society debutant that his ex-wife was. Ronan’s Newport Beach family had raised him to seek status and Tara was far from the type they accepted despite her pedigree. Plus, he had been seduced by a Tantra teacher named Nicolette from the Marina District.

Then Ronan is assigned a complicated federal case involving horses being used as mules for a greedy polo player turned philanthropist named Cameron Paisley. Cameron has also hired Tara as his personal equine vet. The case gives Ronan a chance to get into Tara’s life again. Unfortunately, justice is not so forgiving. Ronan must prove to Tara that Cameron has malevolent intentions while protecting her from being guilty by association. Matters become even more complicated when Cameron begins to romance Tara and she puts her baby by donor plans on hold to start a real family with him. Ronan must act swiftl,y both professionally and personally, or be left behind to prosecute Cameron and Tara even though only one of them is actually guilty.

And for all the people who asked me why I choose the name Ronan for this story and “Keeping Score“, this video explains it all:




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