Keeping Score: Knock Three Times


(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

The rap sound on the door interrupted the discussion. Ronan turned to the door thinking it was Morrison with news from the school district. Kaja immediately went to let whomever it was in. Slightly surprised, Ronan saw that it was the same young teenage girl who seemed to order Kaja around.

Rosemary stepped Kaja’s office once again like it was her living room. She noticed Ronan right away and turned to smile.

“Hi again. I need to see Kaja.”

“Sure.” Ronan wasn’t sure if he should leave but somehow Kaja seemed to want him to stay put, especially when the girl made eye contact her.

“What’s the emergency Rosemary I’m still in my meeting.”

“I need a signature for tomorrow.”

“For what?”

“I want to leave at noon so I can make the auditions at the American Conservatory.”

“What? When did this happen?”

“I got a text an hour ago and I said I would be there.”

Ronan observed the expression on the girl’s face in contrast to Kaja’s. Rosemary appeared insistence on getting Kaja’s signature. Kaja’s had a subtle look of shock yet refused to put the girl in her place.

“Don’t you have a biology test?”

“That’s why you need to sign this.”

A startled Kaja still didn’t ask Ronan to leave or send Rosemary away. A few seconds of silence and Ronan wasn’t sure who would acquiesce to whom.

“I can’t make a decision Rosemary. You barge in and demand me to do what you want. No. I’m the one who has want you need. Go to the library right now and I’ll meet you in an hour when I’m finished my meeting with Ronan.”

“But we talked about this.”

“No, we did not. Rosemary please go to the library right now.”

Ronan hadn’t heard Kaja ask a teenager before to do something as if the girl had a choice to refuse a request. No matter what happened next the girl would go to the audition despite the consequences.


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