Keeping Score: Round 1: 1 Knockout, 1 Down for the Count


(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

Kaja felt like she had been punched in the face and now lying flat down past the 10 second count on the floor. Ronan was 50 percent right. She had given up. Her idealistic verbiage in her application to Teach for America was a decade ago. That person didn’t exist. Somebody already played Savior and she wasn’t interested in the role. When she left college she ran off to Japan for a year to teach English in Toyko for GEOS. Rosemary stayed behind in Berkeley with Zhara and her parents. Kaja experienced the tenacity and persistence the Japanese students invested in grasping English. That experience skewed her perception. Upon her return to California Kaja joined the Oakland Teaching Fellows instead. They gave her a school that was piloting a Montessori program with St. Mary’s College. It allowed her to expose Rosemary to the Montessori method  while saving on babysitting. Two years in Oakland was what had Kaja embrace Ayn Rand’s fundamental motto in The Fountainhead. That no one saved another. A person saved themselves. They either rescued their destinies or squandered their life. The person, not fate, cast the decisive vote.

Ronan deployed and returned after five years even more determined to be a public service hero. Kaja hopped on a plane and came back more calculating than before.


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