Keeping Score: Scorecard


(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

Tutoring and test prep companies prey on the scholastic achievement anxiety of students. Kaja had long believed that the Europeans had it right to keep the ivory tower free from the grasp of profiteers. Education is a privilege. It’s not for sale. You can’t buy intelligent or talent or genius. You can buy lessons. This was something Kaja felt Ronan never learned. Ronan after all had a grand plan to take advantage of the Department of Education and taxpayer dollars.

Kaja often regarded Ronan as a textbook example of what happened when you pay for privilege. Education is not a right. Ayn Rand was onto something. Some people really are just plain stupid. While Ronan’s education was earned it was his target market who were trying to buy a privilege that could only truly be earned. Kaja thought that college was not for everyone. Apprenticeships in trades were underrated. Kaja actually pushed some students to go to beauty school and take the CHSPE in order to leave high school.

SAT scores came with a price. The cost to learn how to take a test and the strategy to apply it to make the grade came down to a priceless variable: IQ.


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