Keeping Score: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad


(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

Before Ronan could speak there was a knock on the door of Kaja’s office. Kaja had placed his ice tea on the coaster. She remembered that he preferred it unsweetened by leaving a packet of Stevia beside the glass.

“Just a second it’s probably Morrison.”

Kaja stood up and walked toward the oddly painted door. It wasn’t Morrison but a teenage student who just walked in. Ronan thought it odd since Kaja didn’t have an open door policy. She had a fastidious way of being fanatical with appointments.

The girl looked at him surprised to see an unknown man in Kaja’s office. Her body language suggested a pending embarrassment. Somehow the girl was about to day something that she only wanted Kaja to hear.She looked out of place in the school. The girl was neither Asian or Latina like most of the other females who attended Padua. Her fair complexion, tall thin frame, and honey colored hair with green eyes made her look like the typical teenage girls of Orange County. Her features were distinct complemented by a tall neck. She wore a casual bright coral sports top with blue jeans and fashion colored sneakers. The sporty laid back look suited the girl who seemed somewhat headstrong like Kaja. Maybe this was a problem student coming for guidance on calculus.

“Hi, I’m Rosemary. Who are you?” She extended her hand as Ronan stood up.

“I’m Ronan Larson. I’m meeting with Ms. Fiscus.” Why did I have to explain who I was he wondered? This is not this girl’s house.

“Rosemary, I’m in the middle of a meeting and Mr. Larson is short on time. What’s going on? You are supposed to be in the library for free period right now.”

“I want to talk to you about Ivan. He wants to visit the school tomorrow and pick me up. His flight from Miami arrives at 3pm and he wants to take me out to dinner.”

“As long as Principal Morrison excuses you then you don’t need a teacher to co-sign. If you want to go just make sure you log in how people can reach you.”

“OK. Does Ivan need to sign in with the Principal’s secretary?”

“Yes. And tell him he needs to show ID. Preferably his passport.”

“I’ll text him that.” The girl spoke in a matter of fact tone while she turned around to let herself out the door.

“Remember. He needs to also indicate where he can be reached while in the city. A street address like a hotel needs to be on that log. Make sure the information is sent to your folks.”

“Yeah, I figure.”

Ronan watched the girl stride out of Kaja’s office. Certainly Kaja took appointments only through her Blackberry. This kid could have just figured out how to avoid playing Kaja’s rules or simply didn’t get intimated by them. Kaja certainly was willing to let the girl do what she wanted. Maybe Kaja was beginning to ease up now.

“Sorry about that. Rosemary just likes to double check things all the time. Let’s continue”

Kaja walked back to her chair beside the coffee table.

“I see. That’s the first time I think someone has been so casually in dealing with you. Problem kid?”

“No. Just someone who tends to take up a lot of my time with her plans. I can’t wait till she graduates and goes to LA.”

“You’ve counseled kids on what colleges to go? That’s up to the school counselor.”

“I’ve never counseled Rosemary. She tells everyone she’s heading down to L.A. after graduation.”


“No. That one wants to act. She plans to audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts this summer.”

“Why is she going to school here? There are other public schools with a performing arts program.”

“This is where her mother insisted she go.”

“Who’s Ivan? A guardian? She couldn’t be older than sixteen.”

“Just her biological father but won’t call him that.”



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