Keeping Score: Two’s Company


(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

“Who are that girl’s parents? Don’t tell me you’re on a leash with respect to your student interactions. Principal fearing a lawsuit?”

“No Ronan. I am not under censure. Her parents don’t intrude too much in her high school career.”

“Then why did you let her walk all over you Kaja? That was a first. She’s not some rebellious black sheep from a connected family who could affect your job security? Is she?”

Ronan sounded genuine in his concern. Now that was a first.

“Rosemary is a ticking time bomb. If I rattle her she will simply cause a disturbance. I’m an educator and not a social worker or school shrink. Not without a significant pay raise.”

“The first thing to go is control of the student”

“For what?”

“The commitment to the profession. When you no longer care.”

“I still care Ronan. Don’t assume you know me or my inner motivations.” Kaja snapped back just like he expected her to. Ronan noticed this was a more personal frustration talking back to  him instead of her standard combative automatic response.

“How I handle a student is not a benchmark or whatever rubric you are using to assess my professionalism. Just hand me the working manual you drafted and I’ll look at it. My conference call with Morrison and the board is tomorrow. They want to go over revisions. You and I both have to be on the same page with the material. I expect we will be Ronan.”

Ronan noticed that Kaja was more sad than angry underneath her stern expression.  A foreboding feeling came over him. He had crossed a boundary that he couldn’t pinpoint.

“It’s 1:30pm and you should leave now to get to North Beach for your 2:00pm.” She remembered.

“We’re not done yet Kaja. I need to talk to you again at 4:00pm.”

“Fine. Call me on my cell,” she responded as she took the dossier from his hand before walking out the door just seconds before the period bell.


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