Keeping Score’s Antagonist: Ronan Larson


Ronan was born and raised on the beach near Malibu. Smart, privileged, handsome, popular, a typical Southern California Adonis. Ronan was an ROTC student at college and later rose to the rank of Captain while on active duty. His natural talent for numbers and finance have enabled him to become a successful investor. For Ronan, he does know how lucky his life has always been. During high school he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and the local Boys and Girls Club encouraging kids to be active in sports. When he returned to California after a five year tour of duty, Ronan got his MBA, and was recruited by The Economist magazine in London. His lifelong love of learning won and he declined the offer in order to work with the educational system in the United States. For Ronan, having to work with Kaja Fiscus is a dreaded thought. She is rough and tumble, confrontational, intense on her own way, and utterly obnoxious in his eyes. He somehow knows through a colleague that she suspects him of “rich kid slumming” and it only further makes him annoyed with her. Ronan sees Kaja as a woman with a boulder on her shoulder whose getting a little long in the teeth to be so combative in defending her ideas. Ronan truly wants to see kids reach their potential just as he did in the ROTC program. While the kids have potential to Ronan it is Kaja who doesn’t and is the obstacle in his path to turning Padua High School’s performance around.


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