Keeping Score: Synopsis

(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

Kaja Fiscus is all about keeping scores in life. From her marathon training sessions, tennis matches, day trading, hustling for maximum tips at her nearby pub on weekends, and tracking loyalty points she loves to score in life. Its a natural fit for her to be the Math Department Chair at Padua High School in San Francisco’s Mission District. When her students test scores on the recent California State proficiency exams result in the bottom 10th percentile Kaja’s role is hijacked by the school board. To keep the job she loves and maintain her bohemian luxe lifestyle in Potrero Hill she must allow the new educational consultant, Ronan Larson, to “take over” her department to turns the students around. Kaja and Ronan have run into one another for years since college but she doesn’t believe he knows what he is doing. For Kaja, teaching has been her passion ever since her days as an after school writing tutor at 826 Valencia and later as a member of the Oakland Teaching Fellows program after graduating from University. To Kaja, Ronan is a silver spooned private school offshoot whose not so much passionate about making a difference but making a name for himself so another Stand and Deliver type movie can be made about him. In her more sarcastic moments, Kaja suspects Ronan of “slumming” because he gave up a chance to work for The Economist in London to work as an independent consultant. Ronan thinks Kaja is a belligerent and stubborn school teacher fast tracking her way to old maid status with a massive chip on her shoulder. Both need to come up with a successful solution fast to the same problem or they both lose their jobs. Either they find a way to be right together or one of them quits over the other.


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