Protagonist: Kaja Fiscus

(Excerpt from Keeping Score, the precursor story to Capturing Captain America)

Kaja is not used to losing because she’s good with numbers and keeps scores so well she never met a math exam that didn’t turn out well for her. Kaja’s students at Padua High School are not so successful. Kaja calls herself fiercely independent. She arrived from Eastern Europe as a young child with her parents and siblings after the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. She loves San Francisco, education, and learning, but has always felt somewhat like a foreigner. When her family left Sarajevo Kaja had no idea what to expect in America. San Francisco’s eclectic culture was welcoming but she still sees herself as an outsider. During college in Southern California Kaja met Ronan in her statistics class and it was a mutual experience of the polar opposite of love at first sight. Kaja tutored high school students in Buena Park and bartended in Hollywood to get through College while native son Ronan enjoyed a peaceful existence in Malibu. Since their freshman days every time they have met its been tension and disagreement based on undertones of class, philosophy, and intellectual competition.


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