Spring 2014 Update: The Rewrite is Done for Capturing Captain America!


Originally the book was set for release in late 2013/early 2014 but something about the story wasn’t sitting well with me. Although it is a work of fiction it was inspired by some personal real life events I experienced in 2012 and 2013. Nonetheless, there was something about how I originally ended the American version of the book that felt just plain OFF. So from January through April 2014 I sporadically spent time rewriting sections of the manuscript.

What has changed? The plot has been revised slightly so there are less sub-plots to confuse the reader. I condensed the story structure to make the book more focused on the two central characters. In some ways the reasons why the revised version is one I am much happier with is because it was written from a different perspective as a writer.

At the onset of this creative passion project was me when I was still reeling from the real life happenings that prompted me to write the book. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper. Rather, I was grumpy from time to time, and had a few moments of self-pity. Heartbreak is only that when we assign the kind of importance to another person that they often don’t deserve. In actuality it’s our own ideas of them and our own “emotional stuff” that gets projected onto another person and situation. While this makes for great fiction it’s not recommended to stay in such an emotional state for too long. Ultimately we must do ourselves and everyone else a favor and GET OVER IT.


Then I finished the book from a feeling space of peace and present mindedness.

No one is worth closing one’s heart to life for. NO ONE.

In the spirit of living with an open heart no matter what is the mindset I was in when I completed the book FINALLY.

The last thing I wanted was to create a chronicle and testament of how much power I was giving to the man who inspired the story. There was no way I was going to make him immortal through publishing a work of fiction.

My intention with writing  “Capturing Captain America” is really more about the most important man in a woman’s life: her father. The man who has the power to define her dating and relationship destiny from day one. The real love and resolution of the complicated dynamic between fathers and daughters is the key lesson. Basically, ENOUGH WITH THE ELEKTRA COMPLEX ALREADY! Stop blaming your father. Why? The more you hold him guilty for all your issues with men the more you’re a prisoner of the past and will likely stay stuck in unhealthy patterns from it. (Read this Huffington Post article on “3 Things Little Girls Need from Their Fathersfor more on what I’m referring to)

I’m just floored when I read many a dating or relationship coach, usually a female whose main client demographics are females, go on and on about how daddy messed you up with men. I am not disagreeing with their hypothesis. Rather, I’m not in alignment with their advice around it.

A rupture or fracture between a person and their parent can play out differently per individual. If the effects have caused an issue for someone with regards to being able to form healthy bonds and attachments with others, they need a licensed mental health professional. Why? An issue like this may be delicate and an untrained and unsupervised coach not subject to regulatory boards can do more harm than good.


This facebook post by Award-winning author Inglath Cooper truly resonates with what my sentiments are about love, relationships, and holding out for the extraordinary:

It’s one of the things in life I want most for my daughters. A future with someone who sees them as I see them. Worthy of the utmost respect and kindness. And yes, I’ll say it, adoration.

Because shouldn’t the person we choose to spend our lives with feel that way about us?

Yes, they should. Read more: http://www.inglathcooper.com/wait-for-extraordinary





En route to getting over this adolescent foolishness, songs from Chicago were very helpful, sometimes you just got to cry it out until there ain’t a tear left to drop.



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