Keeping Score: The Precursor to Capturing Captain America

KeepingScore CptAmericaFrenchCigarettesBookCoverPreview2


The origins of the conflict between the Tara and Ronan characters in “Capturing Captain America” began with an earlier story I wrote in 2010 titled “Keeping Score“. The same references to Captain America and what he represented to a female character are evident in the plot.

Back then Tara was called Kaja and she was a math teacher in the Mission District in San Francisco. Ronan had a similar background in this 2010 version but does not work in the legal field. Tension is just as ripe and the ending in my first edition is inconclusive.

However, as a follow up to “Capturing Captain America“, the new version of “Keeping Score” will be released in Summer 2014. In this revised tale, Kaja and Ronan find more closure to a conflict that has stemmed many years. Like Tara, Kaja finds peace and partnership only when she erases her false love hope about Captain America once and for all. The original 2010 ending of “Keeping Score” I consider the “British version” since Kaja left for the UK at the end. For the 2014 final draft of “Keeping Score“, I refer to it as the “American version”, since Kaja stays in California.

Ironically, when I wrote “Keeping Score” I had yet to meet the real life Captain America. When I did it was a surprise, an elation, and a bit of romantic silliness in my head.  For the record, he really did look like the long lost secret identical twin of Colin Farrell with a Southern California accent. The real Captain America was every bit as attractive as I imagined he would be, inside and out. He did not pass through my life until the Fall of 2012 but his brief presence propelled me to complete “Capturing Captain America“.  This writing project was my way to say good-bye to the idea of this man that had been predicted.  Nonetheless, my third book “French Cigarettes” is in the works and the plot is a whole new theme on love and adventure.

Thanks to BodyTalk with Heather Strang, Lyn Delmastro, and Shelley Poovey, the sessions help align my beliefs and emotional body with my personal flow of creativity. As a result, BodyTalk midwifed my fiction writing expression  into existence. My BodyTalk Goddesses, as I like to call them, supported and guided me to bless Captain America and be done with it so I could enjoy the gift of being in the present 100%. Stubborn Scorpio that I am, it took 18 months to be DONE with it all, which caused me to rewrite “Capturing Captain America“.

FYI: For all the people who asked why I chose to name my “Captain America” character Ronan, this song by Ronan Keating says it all:

And if there was a theme song I’d pick as the perfect fit to both “Capturing Captain America” and “Keeping Score” it would be Donovan’s “Catch the Wind”.





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